Profile of Taherpur at a glance
Taherpur Notified Area Authority of Nadia district was established on 11th of June in the year 1993 adjoined with four mouzas Barasat, Bhaduris, Mahisdanga and Taherpur and covering an area of 2.01 sq. km with a vision to develop the areas under it. Along these years it has become successful to bring the locality within a proper management system. The organisation perform different functions for environment management in terms of various services such as water supply, community health, sanitation and solid waste management. Various activities are maintained by all the departments of the municipality as well as ward committees. There is good coordination between the various departments of the organisation that is most essential for success. Every year the municipality undertakes various technical reviews and surveys that is required to evaluate the status of services, capacity and municipal assets. It also holds consultations at ward level to get the feedback of the citizens. Technical modification is also done to provide better service to the citizens. It also performs licensing functions for various residential as well as non residential purposes. The main objective of the municipality is the overall development of the city and the people living in it. The Notified Area Authority is located near to the station and consists of twenty-five refugee slams. Presently there are overall three health centers in ward no. 1, 7 and 12. The population of the area is about 20894.The Taherpur Notified Area Authority comprises of 13 wards.

At a glance profile of Taherpur N.A.A.
1 Name of the District: NADIA
2 Year of establishment: 1993
3 Area (in sq. Km): 2.01
4 No. of wards: 13
5 Population (Census 2011):  
5.1 Male 10642
5.2 Female 10252
5.3 Total 20894
6 Density of Population (Per sq. km.) 10395
7 Break up of Population (2011):  
7.1 SC 2724
7.2 ST 26
7.3 Minorities NIL
8 Date when last election held: 2015
9 Year of Last Assessment of Properties: 2010
10 Literacy Rate 78%
11 Number of BPL Household (as per SUDA Survey): 2367
12 Slum Scenario  
12.1 Total No of Slum 32
12.2 Total Slum Population (as per USHA) 8635
12.3 Percentage of Slum Population to the total population 43.04%
13 Housing status for Urban Poor: ( as on 31.03.14)  
13.1 No. of beneficiaries provided with Houses under BSUP / IHSDP/ 424
14 Length of Municipal Road: (in km.) 57.6
15 Length of Drain: (in km.) 2.40
16 Water Supply:  
16.1 No. of Tube well 278
16.2 No. of Stand post NIL
16.3 No. of houses connected with water supply network 789
17 Total no. of light posts. 1200
18 Health :  
18.1 No. of Hospital (ULB / Govt./ Private) NIL
18.2 No. of Municipal Health Sub-Centre 3
19 Education :  
19.1 No. of Higher Secondary School (Municipal/ others) 02
19.2 No. of Secondary School (Municipal/ others) 01
19.3 No. of Primary School(Municipal/ others) 12
19.4 No. of Sishu Siksha Kendras (SSK) 09
20 Other Infrastructure (Both Municipal & Others) :  
20.1 Bridge NIL
20.2 Flyover NIL
20.3 Stadium 1
20.4 Parks and Gardens 12
120.5 Playground 4
20.6 Auditorium/Community Hall 1
20.7 Bank 2
20.8 ATM 5
20.9 Ward office NIL
20.10 Market 2
20.11 Burning Ghat 1
20.12 Electric Crematorium NIL
20.13 Electric Crematorium NIL
20.14 Public Library 1
20.15 Bus Terminus NIL
20.16 Ferry Ghat NIL
20.17 Guest House/ Tourist Lodge NIL
20.18 Community center 12
20.19 Night Shelter NIL
20.20 Matri Sadan 01
20.21 Super Market 01
20.22 Marriage Hall 01
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