Assistant Engineer Road(PWD)
Office of the Assistant Engineer (PWD), Ranaghat Sub Division, Nadia

Anup Kumar Dalal, Assistant Engineer

Contact & Communication:

Office: 03473210103 ,
Mobile: +917407016649 ,
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Office address: Mission Road, P.O:- Ranaghat, Dt.:- Nadia, Pin:- 741201
General Description :

General Description: This office works under the control of the Executive Engineer, Nadia Highway Division No.-II, P.W.(Roads) Directorate Kalyani, Nadia. Following roads are under the jurisdiction of this office:- i) Ranaghat- Krishnagar Road (SH-11), ii) NH-34 (Habibpur) to Balagarh ghat road, iii) Paschim Naopara to Habibpur Railway station Road, iv) NH-34 (Ghatigachha) to Rabanberia ghat Road, v)Birnagar-Aranghata Road, vi) Ranaghat-Aranghata (Old) Road, vii) Ranaghat-Aranghata (New) Road, viii) K.C.Guha Memorial T.B. Hospital Rd. ix) Bishnupur – Aishmali Road, x) Nokari – Aishmali Road, xi) cable Suspension Footbridge on the river Churni at Ranaghat, xii) DuttaFulia Aranghata Road xiii) Dutta Fulia Link Road, xiv) Fulia-Arbandi Road, xv)Fulia-Taherpur-Birnagar Road, xvi)Fulia-Tarapur Road, xvii)Fulia Township Road, xviii)Krishnagar- Hanskhali Road, xviii)Hanskhali-Bagula-Duttafulia Road,xix)Santipur-Kalna- Gaht Road, xx)Santipur Municipality Link Road.

Work Description: The work of this office is to repair and maintain the above mentioned roads to keep in traffic worthy condition. The Bridges, Culverts and Guardwalls etc.

Different form used in office / Department:
1) P.W. Accounts Form 27 – Running Account Bll-C
2) P.W. Accounts Form 24 – First and Final Bill (Sec Rule 206 B.F.R.)
3) Form 1 – Cash Book
4) Form 5 – Cash Balance Report
5) P.W. Remittance Challan West Bengal Form-4751
6) Treasury Remittance Book West Bengal Form-4761 & T.R. Form – 14
7) Money receipt Financial Rule Form No.-1 (Sec. Financial Rule No.-2)
8) West Bengal Form No:- 2911 (i) & 2911 (ii)
9) Hand Receipt West Bengal Form No:- 2843
10) Store Indent C.P.W.A. – 7 (Revised)
11) T.R. Form No. – 23
12) Abstract of Stock Recipts & Issue Form No:- 9 & 10.
13) Form No. – 53 Transfar entry order West Bengal Form No. 4840
14) Form No. – 18 – Survey Report of Stores.
15) West Bengal Form No:- 4788 P.W. Acctts Form No:- 35
16) C.P.W.A – 29
17) T.R.From No-47 (Schedules of General Provident Fund Deductions)
18) F.R. Form No:- 3
19) Annexure – A (Group Insurance Saving Scheme – 1983)
20) T.R. Form No-55
21) T.R. Form No-12.

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