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General Description :Given below There are four SDL & LRO in Nadia district under the control of the Additional District Magistrate and District Land & Land Reforms Officer, Nadia. Those are 1. SDL & LRO,Kalyani, 2. SDL & LRO, Ranaghat, 3. SDL & LRO, Krishnagar and 4. SDL & LRO, Tehatta. SDL & LRO, Ranaghat is one of them. Four block offices viz. BL & LRO, Ranaghat-I, BL & LRO, Ranaghat-II, BL & LRO, Santipur and BL & LRO, Hanskhali are under the jurisdiction of this office.

During integration set up in the year 1989 the post of the SDL & LRO came in accomplishment. Previously it was prevalently familiar with as office of the SLRO, Ranaghat. At the primary stage of the office it was positioned at Swami Vivekananda Sarani, Nasrapara More within the residential house of Satyen Saha. Own office building was completed in the year 1989 and the office was accordingly shifted to Thanapara, Ranaghat near Pramanick Cinema Hall. The following officers honoured and enriched the supremacy of the chair by their excellencies:

Sl no. Name of the Officers From To
01 Sri G.B. Banerjee(WBCS Exe.) 02/05/89 10/01/90
02 Sri S.N. Dutta (WBCS Exe.) 10/01/90 19/08/90
03 Sri N.D. Bhakat (WBCS Exe) 19/08/90 31/09/92
04 Sri G.L. Mukherjee (SRO-I) 31/09/92 03/02/93
05 Sri Haripada Mondal (WBCS Exe) 03/02/93 12/01/01
06 Sri Sitendra Narayan Chakraborty (SRO-I) 12/01/01 04/09/03
07 Sri Bandhan Kumar Dutta (SRO-I) 04/09/03 19/09/07
08 Sri Swapan Ghosh (SRO-I) 19/09/07 06/12/10
09 Sri Dilip Kumar Roy (SRO-I) 06/12/10 09/03/11
10 Sri Debidas Banerjee (SRO-I) 09/03/11 10/02/12
11 Sri Nanigopal Roy (SRO-I) 10/02/12 29/09/14
12 Sri Sovon Chakraborty (SRO-I) 10/02/12 still now

Presently operation of the office is going through five several sections such as 1. General Section, 2. Account Section, 3. Drawing Section, 4. Cash Section and 5. Store Section. Besides it there are Drawing and Disbursement Officers section and Chamber of the SDL & LRO, Ranaghat. Meeting and Conference are generally held in the chamber of the SDL & LRO as there has no separate conference hall. Cash Section, Account Section and Store section are mainly operated under the control of the DDO and SDL & LRO. General section and all other sections are operated by SRO-II and SDL & LRO and Drawing Section is operated by a Draftsman and a Technical Assistant under the control and supervision of the SDL & LRO.

Work Description:Block Land & Land Reforms Offices are the main spheres of performing different land matter given below:-

  • Disposal of Mutation cases under section 50 of West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955.
    Mutation petition submitted before BL & LRO offices are being disposed by the Revenue officers.
  • Disposal of Conversion prayers U/S 4C of WBLR Act, 1955.
    Conversion prayers seeking permission for change of area, character or use of land of a raiyat is disposed of by the BL & LROs (for land area up to 10 dec.) & by the SDL & LROs (for land area from more than 10 dec. to 100 dec.).
  • Collection of land Revenue and Cess:
    Land Revenue & Cesses are being collected from the raiyats by the Bhumi Sahayaks of the respective G.Ps. for different types of land viz. agricultural land, non-agricultural land & commercial land etc. This work is totally performed in BL & LRO office under the supervision of the SDL & LRO concern.
  • Realization of Price of Earth under Minor & Mineral rules, 2002.
    The BL & LROs are empowered to collect the price of earth from any excavated area/carried earth or can realize the price of earth from any un-authorized extraction. SDL & LRO is also empowered to deal with such function. Moreover, in this district, the SDL & LRO conventionally realize the royalty and cesses from the authorized brickfields under the jurisdiction.
  • Distribution of vested land:

a. Agricultural vested land: Vested agricultural land is distributed among the beneficiaries by preparation of pattas through approval of BOBSSS or subject to approval of the Sub-Divisional Officer.

b. Non agricultural land under NGNB prakalpa: This land is distributed among the landless or homeless beneficiaries subject to approval of LPLD Committee, chaired by the SDO concern.

Management of vested land through long term or short term lease etc is being done at the level of BL & LRO. Any land dispute or any correction of ROR or any grievance related to land is settled by the BL & LRO. The SDL & LRO is overall in charge of all the land matters under his jurisdiction or he supervises and monitors the work of the BL & LROs & ROs. Besides this the SDL & LRO performs Appeal Hearing as delegated appellate authority U/S 54 of the WBLR Act, 1955 when the DL & LRO concern sent him cases for disposal. The SDL & LRO is empowered the entire establishment matter as well as accounts matter.

It may be concluded that if a raiyat has any grievance may meet with the BL & LRO & SDL & LRO for remedy. List of works done at the SDL & LRO is given below:


1. Preparation of O/C, O/E and Wages Bill.
2. Comparing of duplicate Service Book.
3. Preparation, maintenance, opening, up-keeping of Service Book.
4. Pension, matter i.e. works related to retirement benefit of all categories of staff and officers
5. All works related to Income Tax.
6. Death benefit of all categories of staff and officers.
7. Preparation of different kind of Bills.
8. All kind of Fixation of Pay and benefit under C.A. Scheme.
9. Maintenance of files related to Fax, Xerox, duplicating and Franking Machine.
10. Maintenance of vehicles and connected Bills.
11. Nomination of G.P.F/Gratuity/GIS
12. Health Scheme related works for staff and officers
13. Up-keeping of A.C.R./O.P.R. of staff and officers
14. Maintenance of files regarding transfer and posting of staff and officers
15. Up-keeping GPF of all categories of staff and officers.
16. Preparation of monthly expenditure and statement and budget.
17. Up-keeping of Asset statement of staff and officers.
18. Up-keeping of Staff statement
19. Maintenance of Guard File
20. Crop Survey & Agri Census
21. T.A. Bills of all categories of staff and officers
22. Up-keeping of L.T.C. Bill
23. Preparation of Monthly Pay Bills of all categories of staff and officers
24. Preparation and up-keeping of R.R.T/Electric Bill and allied matter/ telephone bills/ deduction of HB loan/scooter/Car loan etc.
25. Up-keeping of Casual Leave/ special Casual Leave of all categories of officers and staff.
26. Advance tour programme of SDL & LRO and other officers.
27. Maintenance of work cum tour diary of officers and staff.
28. Works related to letter issue and dispatch.
29. Maintenance of service postage stamp.
30. Issuance of Identity card of staff and officers.
31. Survey of different Industrial Land.
32. Border Survey,
33. Survey of different Kistwar of char land,
34. Demarcation of vested and raiyati land,
35. Preparation & updation of L.R. Maps
36. Miscellaneous

RESOURCE MOBILISATION: (Monitoring and Supervising)

1. Collection of Land Revenue/PW Road Cesses
2. Collection from Minor Minerals/Price of earth/Royalty from Brick Field etc.
3. Collection of Road Cesses,
4. Collection of Public work Cess,
5. Collection for primary education and rural education cess with surcharge,
6. Collection for Rural Employment Cess,
7. Collection from Quarry Permit,
8. Collection of royalties on Morrum stone etc.,
9. Collection of Sairati Interest and leasing out Govt. Waterbodies,
10. Collection of rent on Hat & Bazar,
11. Collection of rent from Ferries & Ghat,
12. Collection from auction sale of falling up wood/ trees from vested land,
13. Collection of rent on Falkars,
14. Collection from Fisheries,
15. Collection from Salami for Long Term and Short Term settlement of Vested Land,
16. Collection from Sale process of forest products etc.
17. Collection from lease and leasing out of Tea Garden,
18. Lease related to other than Tea Garden,


Monitoring and supervising in connection with compliance proceeding in respect of different court case matter.

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