Revenue Munshikhana & Judicial Munshikhana Section

Name of the Head Clerk :
a)Sri Rabindra Nath Raha,ASHC


General Description :
The Revenue Munshikhana & Judicial Munshikhana is the most important section of the Sub-Divisional Office. These sections deal with mainly legal related matter and also issue permission for cultural amusement programmme like Fair/Mela/Jatra etc.The J.M.Section also function as processing authority for issuance of Gun licenses from the District. Different court matters, refund of stamp value,ascertaining of legal heir are also dealt with this sections.


Work Description - R.M.Section :
a)Money lending.
b)Value of stamp Refund.
c)Refund of Election Deposit.
d)Resource Mobilization.
e)Ascertainment of legal heir.
f)High court case & report return.


6) Description - J.M.Section :
a)Processing of Gun/Arms license .
b)Renewal of Gun/Arms license.
c)Power of Executive Magistrate.
d)Different type of administrative duties.
e)Permission for cultural amusement programme.
f)Permission for Fair/Mela including all cultural activities.
g)Different court matters.
h)Allotment and expenditure under H/A 2014

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