General Description
  • To cope with sudden influx of refugees started in 1946.
  • Gathered momentum after partition.
  • Again large influx in 1964.
  • Followed by massive exodus in 1971
Refugee or Displaced Person

The persons migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) before 25.03.1971 (As per agreement between India & Bangladesh on 25th March 1971 and 25th March is the Independence day of Bangladesh) are treated as Refugees.

Measures to solve socio-economic problem of millions of people

(i)Relief measures:

Relief Transit Camps - to provide food/clothing/shelter/medical aid


(ii) Rehabilitation measures:


Scheme for acquisition of land / loans for land purchase(L.P) / Agriculture / House Building(H.B) /Small Trade(S.T) /Education /Issuance of Lease Deed / Issuance of Free Hold Title Deed(F.H.T.D)

R.R Set up in Ranaghat Sub Division

Sub Divisional Officer  →  S.D.R.R.O  →  R.O, Superintendent , KGO-I, Surveyor, Draftsman , Chainman

Present position of Staff of R.R Office, Ranaghat

Sanctioned Post Working at present vacant remarks
S.D.R.R.O Nil 01 ----
R.O 01 03 ----
SUPERINTENDENT 01 Nil For works of Homes
K.G.O-I 01 Nil ----
SURVEYER 02 03 ----
DRAFTSMAN 01 Nil ----
CHAINMAN 01 04 ----
U.D.C 02 ---- For works of Homes
L.D.C 01 ----  
Gr. D 02 02 For works of Homes
Total 12    
Procedure of Free Hold Title Deed

i) Receive Application
ii) Field Verification
iii) Checking Refugee Status
iv) Affirming Affidavit
iv) Deed Registration
v) Giving Possession

Other Works

1. Issuance of Lease Deed for school, colleges, clubs, libraries, hospital, parks, markets, water bodies etc under R.R Colonies.
2. Rectification of F.H.T.D
3. Issuance of Certified Copy of F.H.T.D
4. Sending Proposal to R.R Directorate for I.D work of R.R Colonies.

Works of Camps & Homes

There are two Camps & Homes under Sub Divisional R.R O
i) Coopers P.L Home -----------Total no. of Dolee inmates = 27 ( twenty seven)
ii) Ranaghat Women Home ------ Total no. of Dolee inmates =14 (fourteen )

Amenities rendered by the Govt. to the inmates of the Homes as below

i)Cash Doles @ Rs. 1000/- p.m. / per head
ii)Dal @ 800 gms. / per head fortnightly
iii)Rice @ 3 Kgs. / per head fortnightly .
iv)Wheat @ 4 Kgs. / per head fortnightly.
v)Garment sets in a year.
vi)Blankets - One set in every two years.
vii) Marriage grant - Rs. 1000/-
viii)Cremation grant - Rs. 250/-

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