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Sri Kunal Chakraborty. Jt. Director of Employment

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Office address: Office- District Employment Exchange, Ranaghat, Nadia. Department- Directorate of Employment, W.B., 67 Bentinck St., 4th floor, Kol-69.
General Description :

General Description : This office mainly undertakes the duties of Registration, Renewal, Employment Bank Registration, U.S.K.P. Registration, Skill-Development enrolment, Mock-Test conduction, Career-corner conduction etc.
Candidates visit the Employment Exchange with their documents and get their name registered in Employment Exchange.
Candidates have to renew their registration as per norms and orders issued by Lab.Deptt. from time to time with the help of Ration card & Voter card. Recently the time period is of 3 years.
The newly introduced scheme is Employment Bank. In the scheme, candidates enrolled their names in the Employment Bank website www.employmentbankwb.gov.in. After their enrolment they will have to valid the Employment Bank registration in any Employment Exchange of West Bengal and get their password number to operate the Employment Bank website.
The newly introduced loan scheme in this office is USKP in which a candidate can get loan of Rs. 50,000/- (Maximum) of which 25% are govt. subsidy i.e. Rs. 12,500/- cannot be refunded. They have to submit forms in Employment Exchange with scheme and screening committee will forward their proposals to the bank. There is not waiting period after registration for all the candidates except unreserved Male candidates, only who have to wait oneyear.

Skill Development : Recently in the Employment Exchange Skill Development training programme is going on in which Govt. has to incur a subsidy of Rs. 5000/- (Maximum) or 50% of the training cost whichever is less.
Conduction of Mock Test in the Employment Exchange as a preparation of Govt. Service is another important function of Employment Exchange. Five or Six Mock Tests have been conducted by the Employment Exchange at free of cost.
In this Exchange free coaching under career corner have been conducted by the Staff members and Officer of the Employment Exchange. About 200 students take the facility of the coaching.

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